Night 10 — Looking back…

It was Jay’s birthday and dinner was thai green curry; a favourite. Everyone said it didn’t quite turn out, though I’m sure I would’ve been able to snarf some down had it not been my last night. We joked about breaking the fast 4 hours from completion — I don’t think so but it would have been nice.
The night went well. I went to baseball practise from 6:00-7:00 where I had no lemonade. That was a bit harsh and I had to double-up after the practise as my body was quite dehydrated.  All in all, I’m done and happy about it.

I could continue and feel confident that I wouldn’t lose energy or health, but I don’t want to.  I want to eat.  Not because I’m hungry, but because food will taste sooooo good.  There’s only one thing left to do!

Final weigh in: 179.00 lb’s

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Day 10 — The last supper (of lemonade)

The last day is here.

The Saline wash went down not too badly, and very quickly. I finished off with a gag and an Arsenio Hall cheer. Surprisingly today I didn’t have any bowel movements? I’m sure that’s not normal, but I went pee lots and figured it was okay. The day started and as usual I left a good half of the lemonade in the bottle for after work.

Today was the first day I actually got hungry and I assume it was a mind-game my mind was playing on me since it was my last day, so I ignored it and stuck with the lemonade. The day went slowly but I made it through with no troubles.

Day 10 was a success — now for night 10!

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Night 9 — The calm before the storm

Tonight was laid back.  I didn’t drink my senna leaf tea because I’m not as impressed with the Cleanse yet.  I have yet to weigh myself again (will do that tomorrow morning) but because my energy level hasn’t shot up too much, I haven’t lost much weight and I haven’t felt a lot better about myself, had any spritiual awakenings — I can’t help but feel like the whole thing was for nothing?

Okay, my sense of taste and smell has increased dramatically.  That’s nice.  I can tell by the Saline-wash-to-shit time that I’ve cleared my body’s path also.  Those are great things.  I just dunno if they’re as great as a chicken breast.  Or a plate of spaghetti.  But we still have one full day to go!! That could all change!!


P.S. Has anyone else seen Adaptation?  I don’t think I liked it. Did you?

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Day 9 — Weeee got the funk!

I woke up today, gagged my way through the saline wash, and got on with the day happily. After all, there’s only today and one more day. Part of me can’t believe I’m gonna be stopping so soon.

I’m still not sick of the lemonade, and people said I would get sick of it.  I’m also not as full of energy as people thought I would be.  I do feel lighter and healthier, but even though I’m more awake during the mornings and days… I tend to fade towards 10:30.

I decided I’m not going to run tonight.  I think all together I missed three nights of running through my ten days, and that’ nothing to be ashamed about.

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Night 8 — Last batch of lemons, and the first supper!

spaghetti.jpgTonight I went to buy my last batch of lemons of the cleanse! If you’re wondering, I won’t continue on until my tongue goes pink. Although I’m sure that’s the point when you’re all clean, I can handle a white tongue for a while.

I’ve been going over my first real meal once I’m done the cleanse. I promised myself I’d eat more healthy, so I won’t make it a burger or something that greasy or deep-fried. I might make spaghetti though. That’s a huge contender. Our family recipe is quite lean and one of my favourite meals anyways.

I think the hardest part of the cleanse is the fact that I enjoyed eating food, so even though I know I don’t need the nourishment, I still can’t can barely wait to eat again! That’s the hardest part for me, anyways so although I enjoy feeling lighter, and in better shape and cleaner… The other side of my brain is saying, “What a drag… Still on this cleanse? Don’t you want some of that sushi she’s eating? Don’t you want some chicken?” — Yes, okay body? I do.

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Day 8 — Slept like a baby!

hsleep277.jpgWow! I had a great sleep last night. One of the best sleeps I’ve had this year for sure. Though it took me a while to get to sleep, once I got there I slept like a baby. Then woke up right before the alarm, which is always pleasant also.

8:00am – My big news is that the Saline wash didn’t make me gag. That’s a first. Tonight I have to remember to get another Polaris/big jug of water. I had tap water today and although we have pretty clean water, I coul taste the bleach and it makes the water taste saltier than normal. Not good.

I find it interesting that when I first started the Cleanse, the Saline wash took about 45 minutes before it flushed through the other end of my body. But now that I’m 8 (can you believe it?) days into the Cleanse it takes closer to 15 minutes (today the first iteration of liquid-poop came around 3 minutes after the wash.) And as gross as it is, at least I know I’m succesfully cleaning out my insides.

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Night 7 — Nothing to drink…

So I managed to save 3 small glasses of lemonade for tonight.  When I got hoem from work I had decided this wouldn’t be enough — suprisingly though, it was.  When you need to make your ‘food’ count; you do.

Before I knew it I was back logged with Senna Leaf tea and lemonade, and I needed to chug down both.  I made it through my pushups and crunches tonight but didn’t go for my run (I waited until it was too late).  Tonight I wil aim for both!

I’ll keep this short also because I’m a day behind!  Sorry for the late posts!

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Day 7 — Food dreams? NADA!

Operation: Dontthink was a success. I made it through the night Food dream’less.

I really gunned through the lemonade today.  I had been trying my best to not finish it all day and here I am looking towards the 7th night with about three tiny glasses of lemonade left.  Not good.

Interestingly enough, earlier in the morning I don’t need to drink as much.  10:00am-11:00am is usually when I need my first glass, and that’s with no eating for the 8 hours I sleep before-hand.  Just goes to show how important sleep is to us.  Anyways, as the day goes on I have less and less wait time between my glasses as I gt more and more hungry, then the same thing happens the next morning.  *gasp* What if I’m sleep-walking and eating at night??!?!?!!

I highly doubt it and I think you would highly doubt it too if you saw the state of the toilet every morning after my saline wash.

Cutting this one short as I’m a day behind!

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Night 6 — Tired. Sleepy.

After today’s workout I decided to run anyways.  A combination of my legs not being completely recovered from the night before’s run and me not drinking enough lemonade made it hard to finish.  My mouth was dry and I was out of breath.  That’s a good thing though!  You gotta tax your body — no pain, no gain.

Unfortunately due to my nap I couldn’t sleep until late, yet I still managed to forget my crunches and push-ups.

I do feel healthy.  I feel more awake in the morning, especially considering I’m not eating a breakfast.  I feel more inspired to be active and doing something physical; which is good.

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Day 6 — Food dreams…

Some of the most interesting (and corny) things I read about while looking into the Cleanse were the apparent “Food dreams” where people would have dreams that they were eating huge dinners or lunches and awaken upset that they had broken their cleanse.

Well I had one last night, and they’re not corny at all.  They are stressful, worrisome times and not something to joke about.  One minute I was charging through a baguette with cheese, tomato and ham; next moment I was awake and hadn’t realised I had been sleeping.  Extremely upset that I had broken down and eaten.  I hope I don’t have another.

The day has gone by really quickly.  My mother, father, Jay and I have all been doing yard work all day.  Mowing lawns, weed eating, pulling weeds, gardening, etc. etc.  I did have to lie down for a nap though I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t sleep well, or I got up early, or a mix of both, or loss of energy.  But I feel pretty good now.  Maybe it was just time for a nap.  Today’s been a productive Father’s Day.

The lemonade hasn’t been consumed as much as it should’ve.  While working I couldn’t handle having a glass beside me in the sun, and you just don’t think to go and get a drink while working.  I’ll try hard this evening.

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